Implementation of ISO 55000

What is Required?

No matter what the level of asset management maturity is within your organisation before attempting to implement any improvements it is best to know where your asset management systems and processes are with regards to good practice as outlined in ISO55000, it is important that you understand the scale of the project to maximise the chances of success of an asset management improvement certification project.

Sackkall suggest that the higher level initial assessment be performed as a first step in the process. This results in a set of actionable recommendations that can be used to developed, mapped and implement asset management excellence within your organisation

Using the IS55001:2014 Standard we work with our clients to assess the current level of maturity, develop an achievable improvement plan, and help keep the momentum going by supporting the execution and measurement of the recommended improvements.

The Pre-Assessment will assess the following

Organisational context

The initial Assessment will check for and understanding of the context of the organisation and how this currently aligns with the Standard, Clear roles responsibilities, criteria used for decision making and a clear scope of the management system


The assessment will cover the levels of leadership commitment towards asset management and ensuring the publication and implementation of an Asset Management Policy and Strategy. Again it will ensure that Clear roles responsibilities are defined.


The assessment will cover the existence of current plans for asset management portfolio and how these are aligned with the organisations goals and objectives and how these plans are to be developed.


The assessment will the support and capability of support looking at Resources, competency communication information and documentation.


The assessment will assess the processes for managing, controlling operations and maintenance activities. In addition the processes for managing technical changes and managing outsource activities will be assessed.

Performance evaluation

The assessment will determine the systems for monitoring and evaluating performance informative asset management system requirements will be assessed


The assessment will monitor and review the organisations processes for dealing with nonconformity and preventative actions and continual improvement of its performance and its asset management system.

Asset Management Initial Assessment

Sackkall begins by assessing your organisation's current asset management capability and asset management maturity level. We then apply the ISO 55001:2014 Standard as a guide to determine your current compliance level, your desired future level, and the targeted areas in which your investments should be focused in order to advance. The appropriate target level of asset maturity varies for each organisation based on specific goals, strategies, resource capabilities, scope, and needs.

Improvement Plan

Results from the Assessment are used to develop specific recommendations and a sequenced roadmap that provides realistic milestones for short and long-term improvement activities. Sackkall works with you to ensure that the plan also addresses change enablers that will help overcome cultural barriers.

Ongoing Support to Deploy The Plan

Sackkall provides you with guidance and implementation support to qui deploy the improvement recommendations. Working in partnership with you and your team, we leverage our collective assets and experience to expedite your organisation's maturity advancement.

Sackkall Maturity Re-assessment
A key element of our approach is to re-assess maturity once improvements are made in order to highlight advancements that have been achieved. To accomplish this, Sackkall conducts an abbreviated maturity assessment and compares the newer findings with your baseline maturity level. The re-assessment results are reviewed against your original improvement plan. New and/or supplemental recommendations are provided to reflect current business priorities and areas of focus for further progression.

Continued Monitoring & Reinforcement

Change Monitoring & Reinforcement activities are essential to validate the change has been accepted and put into practice. To monitor change progress, Sackkall Ltd will perform periodic reviews of the change initiatives identified in the Detailed Management Action Plan to confirm the transition is moving along as planned. If these reviews indicate something is going awry, it serves as a trigger to immediately initiate actions required to address the issues so change efforts do not falter.

Sackkall's reinforcement services support cultural acceptance and include mentoring, coaching, workshops, and training.


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