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Asset Management Consulting

Sackkal provides Asset Management Consultancy services to guide your business towards certification. Using the ISO 55001:2014 Standard we work with our clients to assess the current level of maturity.

The results from the Assessment are used to develop specific recommendations and a sequenced roadmap that provides realistic milestones for short and long-term improvement activities. Sackkall works with you to ensure that the plan also addresses change enablers and helps keep the momentum going by supporting the execution and measurement of the recommended improvements by way of ongoing management reviews held with your business.

Sackkall provides you with guidance and implementation support to deploy the improvement recommendations. Working in partnership with you and your teams.

We believe that every business is different, and therefore Sackkall works closely with you to ensure that the service and solution provided are bespoke to your business and based on your requirements and needs.

Sackkall with 20 Years' experience in Operational and Engineering environments will work closely with you harnessing your knowledge and expertise to implement solutions which are best for you and ensure you gain certification.

Contact us now to find out more :- Enquiries@sackkall.co.uk.

Defect Elimination Consulting / RCA

If you want to dramatically Reduce failures within your business, reduce maintenance costs, stop lost production, put an end to unplanned outages and equipment breakdowns, you need to mitigate the risk to your business and put an end to the introduction of defects and errors into your operation.

Sackkall can provide Consultancy and Guidance to introduce Defect Elimination Governace to your business. Sackkall can also provide reinforcement services to support your business, these include mentoring, coaching, workshops, and training

Contact us now to find out more :- Enquiries@sackkall.co.uk.

Maintenance Strategy Consulting

The ISO55000 Standard promotes a Risk based approach which requires a Criticality Study of the assets to be carried out to determine the risk and identify the priority of the assets within your business.

Following this study, Sackkall will work with your Engineering teams to determine the best Maintenance Stategy for your business.

This will require detailed maintenance task work harnessing your Engineering teams knowledge to be carried out, with the ultimate goal of implementing a detailed risk based maintenance strategy that is correct for your business.

Contact us now to find out more :- Enquiries@sackkall.co.uk.

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